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Which airport should I fly in and out of?
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PVR)

Do I need a passport and/or visa?
U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico need a passport valid for six months after departure date. Remember babies need passports too! No tourist visa is needed for U.S. citizens, but you will need at least one blank visa page in your passport for entry stamp. 

What is the time zone?
The time zone situation in Sayulita is a bit tricky. please make note of this. A few years ago, Sayulita used to be in a different time zone (Mountain Time) than Puerto Vallarta (Central Time). The town has officially switched to Central Time, however sometimes phones do not automatically change to Central Time when in Sayulita. For instance, my phone stays on Mountain Time while Mike's phone switches to Central Time while we are there. Please make sure to have your clocks set to Central Time when you arrive, as that is the time zone we will be operating off of.

Can I stay in Puerto Vallarta and still be able to get to your wedding easily?
Not really. We recommend that you stay in the town of Sayulita. Sayulita is 1 hour and 15 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta. The drive is windy and one that you will want to avoid at night.

Not been to Mexico in a while and heard scary stories?
Safety is always something to consider when traveling. Although Mexico has been struggling with drug-related violence, there are a lot of very safe places to visit. We have recently been to both of Mexico's coasts many times, and have traveled without any problems. Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita are still considered some of the most safe towns in Mexico. Check out this and this (the Let's Talk Experience section specifically refers to Sayulita), if you care to read more.

How should I get from the PVR airport to Sayulita?
You can drive since renting a car is easy at the PVR airport, but make sure your accommodations have parking available-the streets of Sayulita are small. The drive from PVR airport is 1 hour. For quick and easy access, we recommend Hertz, Budget or National, as their car lots are on the airport property

Don't want the hassle, let our wedding planners organize your ground transportation for you. They will make sure that you arrive to your hotel safe and sound. 

  • Car for up to 3 people - $75 one way
  • Suburban for up to 7 people - $95 one way
  • Van for up to 10 people - $120 one way

*If we notice that you are arriving or departing at a similar time as another guest, we will let you know in case you'd like to share cars.

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